Priestess of Ma’at ~ Sacred Witness ~ Ecopsychologist ~ Minister of Prayer 
Spiritual Guide ~ Life Coach & Consultant ~ Sacred Pilgrimage Guide 
Ceremonialist ~ Entrepreneur ~ Teacher ~ Author ~ Artist ~ Mom
Zahra Indigo Rønlov MA is a sacred witness to the unfolding complexity, beauty, and mystery of this existence. It is her intention to live life in service to the health of our planet and all who reside here, and in this, she has discovered something quite profound and rewarding.
As a Priestess of Ma’at, Zahra Indigo serves Truth in every way she is able to perceive it. She received her master’s degree in Ecopsychology from Naropa University. She is a Minister of Walking Prayer with the Center for Sacred Studies and has been initiated into the Lineage of Djehuti. Through her work as a spiritual guide, coach, consultant, and healing alchemist, she is dedicated to holding space for her clients and students, and is honored to guide the unfolding of that which needs healing by creating sacred space for physical, spiritual, and emotional health to take root. She welcomes the opportunity to work with those seeking to awaken their innate healing potential.
With an endless entrepreneurial spirit, in 2008, Zahra Indigo initiated her own business, Sacred Witness LLC, under which she also operates the subsidiaries: Truthouse Press, Blue Lotus Alchemy, and Sacred Witness Pilgrimages. Additionally, in 2013, she founded Zahra Handworks Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that facilitates educational and enrichment opportunities focused on the value and importance of creating with one's hands (especially when making from repurposed and reclaimed materials) and the positive effects this can have on the individual, culture, family, and environment.
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