The Gifts of Ma’at by Zahra Indigo Rønlov MA offers a potent opportunity to learn about and work with Ma’at, the Egyptian Goddess of Truth, Justice, Harmony, Balance, Reciprocity, Natural Law, and Cosmic Order. The experience shared within its pages provides an extraordinary guided journey to help you align with Truth so that you may move through your days with a heart as light as the feather of Ma’at. You are invited to create 42 Positive Dedications, which provides a pathway for you to move through an archetypal and alchemical process that helps bring understanding of your truth and your place in the cosmos. Writing prompts are suggested throughout to help you record your own ‘PERT EM HRU’ or Book of Becoming Light.

The book contains seven sections: The Truth, My truth, Our truth, A truth, Your truth, A Journey of truth, and More truth.

The Truth explains about the difference between Truth with a capital ‘T’ and truth with a small ‘t’.

My truth shares some of the author’s experiences that lead to this book and offers a beginning glimpse of how Ma’at can work with us.

Our truth speaks into the planetary dilemma of these current times and the need for a Ma’atian compass to help humanity realign our ethical direction and dedication.

A truth illuminates who Ma’at is and her importance in the Ancient Egyptian world. The Egyptian process of the Weighing of the Scales and the importance of the 42 Negative Confessions is explained. Additionally, a brief sharing of the Egyptian deities who are a part of the guided journey is included.

Your truth provides a foundation for the transformational process this book offers.

A Journey of truth is the culminating guided journey which provides a life affirming Weighing of the Heart experience to help you develop a profound personal relationship with Ma’at that allows for a deeper understanding of truth and the embodiment of your place in the cosmos.

More truth brings the book to a close with some final words about going forth, gratitude, and resources.

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