“Zahra Indigo brings to us a true gift, inviting us into the mysterious and sacred world of the Egyptian goddess Ma’at. Learn about Ma’at as a goddess of Truth, Justice, Harmony, Balance, Reciprocity, Natural Laws, and Cosmic Order. Zahra Indigo crafted this book so beautifully with pure poetry and so much feminine energy. This is such a fascinating work to bring through for our times. Zahra Indigo clearly has a strong connection with Ma’at so she could bring through the true magic of this energy so needed in the world today.”  ❤️ Sandra Ingerman MA, Shamanic Teacher and Award-winning Author of 13 Books including Walking in Light and The Book of Ceremony  
“Zahra Indigo has immersed herself into the mysteries of ancient Egypt and has given birth to a deeply meaningful offering which overflows with cosmic universal truth for the Shamanic initiations our whole world is undergoing at this very moment in time. Ma'at's enduring wisdom reconnects our human hearts to the hearts of the Neteru and the heart of Great Mystery. When we humbly reconnect to the ancient, perennial wisdom of the heart, our path magically opens before us and our soul's purpose is made possible through inspiration, love and truth.”  ❤️ Linda Star Wolf PhD Shamanic Teacher & Facilitator, Addictions/ Codependency Mental Health Counselor, Founder /Creator of Shamanic Breathwork Ceremony (TM), S.H.I.P. Venus Rising University and Venus Rising Loveland Home Sanctuary & Elemental Temples in Western NC and Shamanic Mystery Tours Around the World, Author / Co Author 12 Shamanic Psychospiritual published Books 
“Zahra Indigo has gifted us with a remarkable journey of Truth led by the Goddess Ma’at, a much-needed guide for these times. You only have to follow this clearly laid out process to find your truth. Avail yourself of this powerful initiation with Ma’att and be forever changed.”  ❤️ Alida Birch, MSW Shamanic Teacher and Author of The Co-Creation Handbook: A Shamanic Guide to Manifest a Better World and a More Joyful Life 
“The Gifts of Ma’at is a book for these times. It not only brings us deeper into the knowledge and wisdom of Egypt, but it brings a light to shine on our own path of Truth. And as Zahra Indigo shares, there are many layers and levels of truth. This book leads us on a journey into that discovery. The timelessness of this book coming out into our world now is truly a gift from the Universe. For truly, we must all look in the mirror of Truth. Our world is calling for this action now, as we all make our choice during these prophetic times.  May we all learn how to move through our days with a heart as light as the feather of Ma’at.”  ❤️ Grandmother Jyoti Ma, Founder of The Fountain, Co-founder-Kayumari & Center for Sacred Studies 
"Gifts of Ma'at illuminates a path with heart we can all choose to walk. It helps us remember Truth and cultivate a life of service consciously woven from its golden threads. Zahra Indigo does an exceptional job of merging the magical with the practical in this timeless book."  ❤️ Robin Sol Lieberman, Founding CEO of LifeHoney®, Author of The Charisma Code: Communicating a Language Beyond Words 
“Zahra Indigo’s Gifts of Ma’at culminates from a deeply personal and inspiring quest, which searches for the nature of the sacred in the vastness of the universe. Her genius is to see the light of a truth that wants to be revealed to allow for the liberation of the imaginative soul, gifting the reader to insight and inspiration that opens hearts and minds. She brings an eloquent and incisive voice with a breadth of intellect and soul that provides a vivid, immediate gift of expression and passionate vision for a search for a new birth out of the chaos of our time. Zahra Indigo addresses the physical, psychological, spiritual, ecological, and widespread social malaise of our time, whose depths are plummeted with a radically new outlook. This enables us to see the opportunity that we now have to evolve and calls for a fundamental transformation in the way the human species lives on this earth. It emphasizes the grave urgency of love for an infinitely precious new way of being and possibility struggling to be born from a deep place in the personal and collective psyche. Zahra Indigo is an unrivalled master at elucidating the depth and beauty of Truth as depicted in Ma’at. This book is intensely personal, yet profoundly collages cosmic collective truths, and serves as a sacred portal to be deeply transformational. This book is brilliant, profound, and magisterial in its scope. It is nothing short of astounding.”  ❤️ Ellen Paasche, Clinical & Eco Psychotherapist, Ceremonialist, Animal & Eco-Communicator, Metaphysics Practitioner 


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